If there is one media subject that sticks with me from 2016, aside from the bizarrely satirical election, it is the coverage of officer-involved shootings.  It was often “breaking” news across all networks, as was the civil unrest that nearly always followed.  There was overwhelming coverage and demands for responsibility on the front end, with … Continue reading Time

Be The Change

Be the change. It’s that simple.  I think it is the reason I hated the election, the coverage, both parties, and all of the social media bantering.  At the end of the day, it was people looking for someone or something to provide the change they want, instead of looking internally for the motivation, and … Continue reading Be The Change

It’s not the 2nd Amendment that matters..

Does a gun make you safe?  I think the only fair answer is "it depends"… For the purpose of this post, let’s shelve all arguments and discussions over the 2nd Amendment and the rights it grants, or does not to our citizens.  It is an essential discussion, and should not be taken lightly, but it … Continue reading It’s not the 2nd Amendment that matters..